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Articles on the Best Sales Practices

Do People Buy From People Who They Like? I don't think so.

By Navid Momeni


I sat through a web meeting for one of my amazing reps last week, and after 56 minutes, he was able to get a 100% buy-in from the prospect. He sent the agreement right away, walked him through it, and was done. He was very happy. He came to me, gave me high five, and asked me, "How did I do?"

The Best Three Ways to Capture a Prospect's Attention Within the First 15-20 Seconds of a Cold Call

By Navid Momeni


I was having a conversation with a startup founder last week who was very unhappy with himself and two of the company's sales reps. I asked him what the reason behind it was, and he said that they can't pass the first 15 seconds of a cold call before their prospects tell them, “We are not interested,”

Top 5 Sales Email Subject Lines to Catch Prospect Attention Immediately

By Navid Momeni


One of the top questions I keep receiving from salespeople and start-up founders is this: "Why do my prospects never reply to my cold emails?" or "Why do they delete my email without even opening it?" I’m sure we all have experienced this at some point in our sales careers. I’ve been fortunate to have

Stop Chasing Contracts By Using These Techniques

By Navid Momeni


Throughout my sales career, I’ve experienced and witnessed one of the most annoying and time-consuming activities in the sales process, which is chasing down contracts. Unfortunately, during this process, most of the salespeople forget to keep prospecting and building their pipelines and instead,

99% of the Time, Price Objection is NOT Real - The Best Way to Handle Price Objection

By Navid Momeni


If you've been in sales for a long time, for sure, you've heard a prospect insisting that your price is too high, or the item is so expensive, or they can't afford it. But is this a real objection or is it a smokescreen? The price objection could be due to the prospect's lack of knowledge regarding the

The Smartest Startups Invest in their Sales Team Early and Often

By Navid Momeni


When Michael Litt’s company was first starting out, he spent a lot of time on the phone.


In 2011 Vidyard, the Kitchener-based video marketing platform Litt co-founded the previous year, was

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