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Dedicated to offering training that improves the effectiveness of your sales team.

Drive continued performance and a winning mindset

Why Sales Training?

According to a study from Bersin & Associates, companies are 130% more likely to achieve stronger business results when they enroll their sales reps and managers in coaching.


In today's competitive business environment, companies need to take advantage of any tools that could give them an edge over their competitors. The most important tool that any company can have is a strong sales team—a sales team that is motivated and ready to give 120% to the company.


In order to have a strong sales team, you need to invest in them. A well-trained sales team can generate and identify new opportunities that can increase the company's ROI and overall revenue. The better trained your sales team is, the better the results for your company.

Training Packages

Sales Coaching

Designed for Individual Sales Reps, Business Development Reps, & Account Executives who are looking to take their Sales to the next level.


We're a leading provider of research-based sales training solutions that drive revenue, top sales performance and ROI for our clients. In 2018, our clients gained an average performance boost of over 20% as a direct result from our sales training.

Sales Management

Designed for Sales Managers, Directors, and VP of Sales to improve leadership skills and build world class Sales Teams.


Designed for Medium organizations and Corporations to provide Sales Insight and Motivate Employees and Sales Team.

Sales Advisory

Designed for startups and smaller organizations who need a hand-on approach from an expert to setup and manage their sales organization.


Building the income, the business, and the life that you want can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. Leverage the expertise and the experience of Navid Momeni. A self made man with a track record of reaching and crushing sales targets and initiatives.

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